Taking the Trail TO THE PEOPLE

May 26 – Had a blast at the San Bernardino County Fair with our host RelyLocal! What a great group of local hardworking, networking, motivated, and creative folks involved in RelyLocal. From bloggers, to horse ranches, 3D printing, jewelry, bookstore, the list goes on. If you  haven’t already, check them out, especially if you want to learn and be with others blazing their own trails. http://www.relylocal.com/victorville-California

Also want to send out a HUGE – THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to say HI, ask questions, buy raffle tickets or donate to advance our community vision!


Hi all,

Lots of community events are beginning to kick in, now that the weather is cooperating! We’d like to have a presence at as many of these community events as possible – from sports events, farmers market, car shows…any thing and everything that’s going on where our neighbors can learn that we’re trying to save the Hilltop House and make it into a community owned recreational and educational destination!! If you’re going to any of these, please consider printing some flyers and sharing the GREAT news. Not many landmarks are still around…this movement is very very important so shout it from the hilltop’s 🙂 thanks everyone and have a great Spring!


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