Who’s Watching –

Last week, after the AV Chamber of Commerce presentation followed by the VV Daily Press article, our website exploded with hits. The most visits we’ve had since our launch date! I wish I could say it “exploded with donations” but alas that’s not the case. But this journey is not a sprint but rather a marathon. We believe it is time to reclaim OUR hilltop and hopefully very soon an “angel” will step out from the shadows and make this vision a reality!

Remember…this journey is not a sprint but rather a marathon…and we plan on completing this journey.

Ready for more good new?

We met with San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood and he’s behind OUR vision 100% and sent us a letter of support for all to see. Then at the Chamber presentation Town of Apple Valley’s Mayor, Curt Emick, followed us with his announcement of support and encouragement to the audience to get behind OUR vision.

1st District Supervisor Lovingood

Let us know what you’re hearing out there…..

Let us know “who’s watching”…

Let’s make some  “trail dust” !!

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