Apple Valley Leader’s Pat Orr Gives AVLT A Positive Nod

Local business owner and opinion columnist for Apple Valley Leader gives AVLT a positive nod. Here’s an excerpt from his article:

Fantasy Hill
The recent story about a Phelan minister’s plans for the Hilltop House are, well, unbelievable. Elements of the story stretch credulity.

His plan for wind turbines to generate power is a “no go” for oh so many reasons in town limits. To make the structure habitable as a personal residence today would cost enough to make Jim and Tammy Baker blush — if the plan could get a permit. Any town, county or state grants or assistance to preserve the historical parts of the property are now unavailable to him because of his planned religious use.

I spoke briefly with some Legacy Trail members and they can’t see a joint use agreement being plausible because of the new focus on a belief system that is murky at best and whacko at worst.

Lastly and most importantly, the Hilltop House is in my front yard and that of my immediate neighbors. To turn it into a multi-use destination will not be acceptable in this neighborhood where the howling of coyotes is the most disturbing sound we hear. I must say that I am not a NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) and was thrilled with the Legacy Trail Plan because it made sense and I would prefer to see this part of our local history preserved.

Without a reality based plan that is well thought out, sufficiently funded and has public support — which are not characteristics so far exhibited in this purported new deal — we can all rename this little bump Fantasy Hill for now.

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