Trail Guides – A Case For The Apple Valley Legacy Trail & Public Safety

Public Safety Trail:   Recognize that from a highly principled standpoint and based on precedent of community use spanning decades, this defacto Trail becomes infinitely safer and healthier for the public under the oversight, guidelines and proper insurance for a Pack-in Pack-out Trail.  Leaving this trust to others has proven to be barren, compromising and with unmistakable results.

Historic places enhance community pride in ownership.


 Dispatches from the Trail:  A day in the life of a hiker who wishes to remain anonymous. 

“Thought I’d get up kinda early on my day off and hit the trail early while it’s cool outside.  Was there by 7:30.  I came across at least 10 people.  The trail is used quite a bit.

I also got into a screaming match with one of the town’s old timers who seems to think it’s his property, that he can walk his dog off leash and it’s OK for it to approach other people and other dogs just because he says it’s a nice dog.  Well, from my perspective…  all dogs can be “nice” dogs until the smaller dogs get attacked by “nice, big” dogs.   So I told the gentleman he should have his dog on a leash and he “informed” me there are NO leash laws up on the hill.  My answer was, “well, since technically we are trespassing, you might be right…”  but it kind of ruined my hike because I find people who think they don’t have to play by the rules, to be…  annoying.   I had my little 12 lb dog with me, ON a leash, btw.   I also passed by an older gentleman walking with a golf club, and I asked him why?  He said because too many people let their dogs just run around out there and he got attacked once.  So this is an issue.

No one is cleaning up after themselves at the Trail.  There is dog poop EVERYWHERE.  My dog pooped there, I picked it up and carried it out.  But there are whole sections that are just gross because no one enforces anything.  Because they can’t ! 

Some of man’s best friends enjoying
an afternoon at Civic Park

That said, I cannot believe liability is a concern of anyone, because the way I see it, with the number of people walking up there as it is, there is a HUGE LIABILITY.  Its crazy!!!  It’s only a matter of time before some serious injury occurs there.  Having it insured and rules/laws enforced makes MUCH more sense to me.

I was thinking this morning that because the town doesn’t do much to warn people about dangers, to keep people out, etc etc.  It would be a LOT cheaper for the town to acquire the property, co-op with the community,  insure it and enforce some rules. 

So in my not so humble opinion, the town and community needs to do something – find a benefactor, acquire it and turn it into a community project, or whatever…  because ultimately that’s gonna be cheaper than some  lawsuit because someone gets injured or  something up there.  I was quite nervous to walk too close to the house because I had no idea who or what could have been hiding inside.   Turning it into a fully insured, monitored trail makes SO much more sense, esp. since the town seems to be doing nothing to restrict hiking that’s going on, the owner seems to avoid code enforcement where everyone else has to abide by the rules, and a lawsuit is just waiting to happen on that hill.”


“How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?”  Abraham Lincoln.

The AVLT Committee does not encourage hiking on private property.  However, we do strive to report all things regarding this defacto Trail.  We’ll consider  posting any dispatches or reports from the Trail which anyone would like to share, either publicly or anonymously.  We thank this writer for their candid thoughts and also thank, in advance, those of you who would like to contribute commentary.

Happy trails to you and yours !





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