Trail Guides – A Case For The Apple Valley Legacy Trail & A Sustainable Concept

Sustainability Trail:  Recognize the vulnerability of one of our treasured historic districts (Historic AV Inn, future vacant Walmart and our valued Public Golf Course) by enhancing community interaction, amenity opportunity and retail opportunity in and around The Trail.

Historic places are assets for unique community amenity and opportunity.



: able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed.

: involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources

: able to last or continue for a long time


A quick , diagrammatic sketch can capture key elements for easy visual reference.  Not pretty, not precise and loose in exploration; thought provoking, none the less.  Connections are established, initial and future opportunity realized and interchangeable elements discovered.

hhlp_sketch_9_6_12 copy

The vacant Walmart possible tenants could be Family Community Center, Teen Center, Museum, Roller Rink. Couched between the Golf Course and The Trail, this diversity of possibility can only be a good thing.

Perched 300 feet above our desert and anchoring Apple Valley’s historic and cultural epicenter, Hilltop House Ruin sits as the High Desert’s most unique, yet challenging parcel.

Despite the mocking buzzard sirens of Bass Hill, two decades of ownership indifference, vandalism, and natures fury…this geographic wonder and strategically located hill continues to offer new promise for a new generation legacy chapter.  The Legacy Trail realizes the highest and best use for the property and turns its back on failed attempts to commercialize this unforgiving, yet inviting site.  It’s a community, all inclusive Trail; functioning this way for decades as a defacto park where dozens of hikers frequent this magical place every day.

As a pack in – pack out Trail, the property is ready to function once acquisition, insurance, maintenance and a resolution for the Ruin is integrated.  Future possibility for practical and thoughtful Trail development elements such as Pavillions, Shade Structures, Look-outs and more trails yield the possibility for generational growth, pride and planning.


Can there be any doubt that The Trail would be a fantastic companion to AV’s state of the art Civic Park and Aqua Center ? Unique branding.


The Trail begins to answer many of the spoken questions that have surrounded Bass Hill:

1.         How can we create an ordered activity at Bass Hill ?

2.         How can we assist the AV Inn today and tomorrow ?

3.         How can we offer diverse activities in and around the Public Golf Course ?

4.         How can we best re-use the soon to be vacant, Big Box Walmart Building ?

5.         How can we magnify and display Apple Valleys already solid Brand ?

6.         Can we continue to trust outsiders to be reasonable caretakers of Bass Hill ?

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