10 Trail Guides: A Case for the Legacy Trail

The Apple Valley Legacy Trail

 To create and preserve a Legacy Trail to the historic Apple Valley landmark known as Hilltop House providing far reaching educational, civic, economic and environmental benefits for the community,its visitors,and the generations to come.

The well known image below demonstrates how perspective can influence perception; how seemingly opposing points of view can both be mistaken.  On the Trail, clarity can be found and here are  10 Trail Guides that many of us will find individual connection to, but all of us under a banner of Community.



1.         Reclaim Trail:  Recognize that decades of indifference to AV’s historic landmark can be reconciled through a bold yet simple initiative called the Apple Valley Legacy Trail.  Reclaim the property, engage the entire community and thoughtfully plan The Trail.

Historic places give us roots.

2.         Synergy Trail:  Recognize the surrounding Bass Hill property and that Owners offer to consider donation to The Trail upon acquisition of HH property, expanding The Trail and effectively reducing the land unit cost buy-in for Hilltop House property.   Imagine The Trail from East Rancherias to West Rancherias…the entirety of Bass Hill !

Historic places inspire us.

3.         Education and History Trail:  Recognize that after the Cajon Pass and Mojave River, few High Desert geologic formations have influenced cultural development like Bass Hill; the place where Apple Valley’s essential vision was born, launched and cultivated.

Historic places teach our children and are some of the most tangible amenities that one generation can leave to the next. 

4.         Public Safety Trail:  Recognize that from a highly principled standpoint, this ‘Defacto Trail’ becomes infinitely safer  and healthier for the public under the oversight, guidelines and proper insurance for The Trail.  Leaving this trust to outsiders has proven to be fruitless, embarrassing and with visible results.

Historic places enhance community pride in ownership. 

5.         RepurposeTrail:  Recognize the conservative solution to boldly pursue (via private-public co-op) acquisition, proper insurance, maintenance, trail maps, resolution of the HH Ruin and create a simple pack-in, pack-out Trail.  All future Trail improvements are not mandatory, conceptual and subject to funding and thoughtful planning.  

Historic places make our communities more attractive. 

6.         Revitalize Trail :  Recognize that while Super Centers, Cell Phone Outlets and Highway Restaurants are all fine and well, Apple Valley has something more to offer; a multi faceted, all inclusive community Trail filled with untold opportunity for the future.  Ours is a better way of life.  

Historic places are assets for revitalization. 

7.         Sustainability Trail:  Recognize the vulnerability of one of our treasured , historic districts (Historic AV Inn, future vacant Walmart and our valued Public Golf Course) by enhancing community interaction, amenity opportunity and retail opportunity in and around The Trail.

Historic places are assets for unique community amenity and opportunity.

8.         Healthy Community Trail:  Recognize the Healthy High Desert wellness benefits of walking, biking, equine trails with nodes and points of interest all along its inter-community course:  Consider the existing (and future) human motorization amenities available…circulation elements:   The Historic Apple Valley Inn, AV Civic Center Park  ,  The Apple Valley Legacy Trail,  AV Public Golf Course, existing trail easements extending westerly to the Yucca Loma Bridge , Mojave Riverwalk Trail in Victorville, Apple Valley Road, Bear Valley Road, Victor Valley College and Spring Valley Lake.        Call it’s 13 plus miles… “The Mojave River Valley Trail System”.

Historic places  are unique points of interest in Healthy Communities and are great for the environment.

9.         Economic Development Trail:  Recognize the opportunities created by business enterprises branding with The Trail all along Bass Hill District, Highway 18, Bear Valley Rd and even Old Town Victorville  Give our Regions rich source of destination travelers another itinerary stop in Apple Valley .

Historic places encourage travel/ tourism and are assets for economic development.

10.       Branding Trail:  Recognize, dust off and further promote Apple Valleys’ unique cultural history through smart marketing of the The Trail.  Allow Bass Hill to find its next legacy chapter.

Historic places underscore and highlight unique, community branding.


Tell us which trail marker you or your group relates to, or better yet,

one we have not mentioned that needs to be.

Thanks for taking the Trail !

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