AVLT : Affiliate Project of High Desert Community Foundation

Greetings Trail People !

On April 5 , the AVLT Advisory Board presented its mission and organizational  information to the  Board Of Directors of the High Desert Community Foundation .  The AVLT sought Affiliate Project status with HDCF in recognition of similar MISSIONs.  We are grateful that the AVLT was indeed approved and with it came a new milestone:  Non profit administrative covering.


HDFC is a well respected organization and they were not shy in listing their AVLT conditions of support for affiliation.  The initial conversations began in August 2013, became focused in November 2013 and culminated in Board approval this month.  They recognize the cultural importance of the AVLT concept and the necessity for a “community lift”  in so many ways.  Following our presentation on April 5, one HDCF Director said, “it was one of the best presentations they had ever seen.”.   Thanks to Donald Tatera, Kathie Martin, Paul Jacobs, David Pike, Dan Harley and others for the hard work that went into this particular presentation.

Its was a sink or swim day and we is swimmin’ with more cool announcements to come !

Give Big San Bernardino County is coming up fast !  Have you heard about it ?  This is an online fundraiser scheduled for May 8th.  The AVLT has a presence – among many worthy organizations – in this important campaign and we need your help to promote the BIG day.  Your tax deductible donation to the AVLT will go to work now in Reclaiming Bass Hill for the community and our next generation.  Find the link below for more information on our AVLT Give Big opportunity.

Thanks for taking the trail with us !

Give Big San Bernardino County – Apple-Valley-Legacy-Trail

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