2014: Who, What and Where on the Trail

2014 :    Who, What, Where on the trail…….



April 2014

High Desert Community Foundation

This rootin’, tootin’ citizen focused ranch, took the AVLT into their campfire, when its seemed no one else would.  We owe ‘em a debt of gratitude.  They let us rest up a bit, gave us some fresh horses and  sent us on our way chasin’ down the High Desert’s most unique parcel.

May 2014

Meetin’ up with the Hilltop House Ranch Baron

With the Hilltop House Owner’s ‘OK’, we dispatched a trail ride to meet up with them thar folks to begin forging a better understandin’ of each others perdicament.  Well, we all pretty much agreed that opportunity can sometimes be disguised as calamity, so we commenced to turning over them thar rocks to keep lookin for the trail head.   A great round up in hand, we thanked them gents for their hospitality, saddled up and headed back to camp with an understandin…….and more work to be done.


*           Now before we waste too much more air in this tale, a little back story’s  in order. Ya all need to understand that the AVLT has attracted many a sodbuster who claimed to either have the gold or know where the treasure could be foundto buy them  them rocks known as  Bass Hil!…  we listened to them all.  Unfortunately, their ideas – and twitchytrigger fingers – were not in harmony with us simple folk. We’re a cautious bunch, So we politely thank’d em, tipped our hats and (very slowyl) eased on out of that thar tent.


September 2014

 Meetin’ up with Grant Roper Martha of MVR Consulting:

From a distance we could see the smoke from each others campfire, but it took a while and a break in the weather before we could meet up to see if’n we had a likin’ for one another.  We all rolled some smokes and kicked the dirt a little; chewin’ about  some exciting grant ropin’ opportunities, timing and each camp’s conditions of support in reclaiming Bass Hill.  Seems Martha had a saddle bag plumb full of grants to write up and the notion of taking on one more was not something pleasing to her.  This all changed for the good, once she looked over our trail maps.  Lets just say she moved cat quick to join up with our posse and help chase down that desperado known as the Hilltop House Ruin.

The more she studied the AVLT, the more she took a shine to it…’This trail just keeps on givin’’, she’d say.  But before she could ride up to Sacramento, she needed the blessin’ of one more cowboy.

 Meetin’ up with Town of Apple Valley Head Honcho Frank Robinson

Now Frank is whatcha call the Town Manager.  In other words, he’s like A gambler who is not allowed to shuffle, cut, or deal the deck and who must place his bet before looking at the hand he has been dealt !  Well, I’m pullin yur leg – kinda – but just know that Frank is a smart hombre who has skippered our Town through good times and bad in a pleasin’ manner.

Well, we rode into Frank’s fort with our posse and Martha, our new Grant Roper.  We not only needed his full support to herd them grants, but also a little help sponsoring the effort.  So we set to explorin’ meaningful and common sense ways to transform Bass Hill – our desperado landmark – into one more Feather for AV’s better way of life hat.

 We reckon, Frank liked what he was hearin.  He gave our horses a firm slap on the backside and said, “You Trail folk best head out and git to Town Council quick, if’n you want this Trail.  I’ll send our Council a note sayin’ you al’s ridin’ over with a plan in the makin’ that just might might work.  But don’t forget one thing…they gotta like it the same way a  bulldog likes a pork chop…you git my drift ?”

October 28

 Meetin’ up with Town of Apple Valley Council at the public camp fire.

We got word back that the Council would hear us out.  We set our minds to putting together a show that would capture their fancies and hopefully – their vote of confidence in ponying up some monies to chase down that dad-gum Trail.  We rode far and called on legendary story teller Rene Ray to craft up a video presentation for their likin’.  He mixed in the Christian Q. AVLT Drone footage and ended it with some wranglin’ town leaders speakin’ up on the Trails behalf !  And for good measure, we ended the show with Hilltop House Interns distributing to our Council, limited edition Hilltop House Pillows.  These beauties are designed and manufactured by first rate Apple Valley Artist, Kate Podegracz.  We figured its good to let our local bosses, “sleep on it” with them thar pillows.

The Council, well they’re like most of us…they had so much trail dust circling around their campfire, they were pert near hog tying one another to be the first to approve the grant application motion !  We’re  appreciative to their hospitality that night, but more importantly, happy and obliged to have their company on this trail.  We’ll need their wisdom, vision and notions as we move on to the trail head, that’s fer certain.

That’s about it fer now, stay tuned for more dispatches from the trail in 2015 ; !

Hoping you and your kin folk enjoy a Merry Christmas !!

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