California State Parks Site Visit – Feb. 6,2015


On a beautiful Apple Valley morning, a contingent of State Park and Recreation officials, Town of Apple Valley (TOAV) Dignitaries and a diverse segment of Community Leaders and students, toured Bass Hill and the proposed site for the Apple Valley Legacy Trail (AVLT) .  As many of you know, the TOAV in public-private co-op with the AVLT, is in the final stages of application for various real estate acquisition grants.  This is a very exciting time and we applaud and appreciate those from our community who took the time to meet with State Officers who will make the final decisions in a very competitive grant arena.

Making the trek this day were:  AVLT Community Advocates– Donald Tatera, Trina Siverts, Lisa Lawrence and Bruce Kallen.   Director of Advocacy and Healthy Communities for St. Marys Medical Center – Kevin Mahany.  Granite Hills High School – Chuck McCall (Principal) , Terri Brown (Social Science Teacher), Paul Toscano and Andy De Leon (Students) .  Town of Apple Valley – Larry Cusack (Mayor) , Art Bishop (Councilman) , Frank Robinson (Town Manager) , Jennifer Heim (Executive Assistant to Town Manager) and Dennis Cron (Director of Public Services) .  CA. State Parks – Luan Aubin and Lee Butterfield.  MVR Consulting – Martha van Rooijen, Grants Writer.



After some preliminary discussions, our trekkers make their way to the High Deserts most unique parcel.  Hundreds of foot prints in the vintage sand eddy offers trail markers to show the way.


A few “trekpassers” enjoying Hilltop on this Friday morning as Art Bishop contributes to the photo op.  Art is TOAV Council member, a long time leader in the region and an early arrival in seeing the properties potential as a community trail.



Terri Brown, Chuck McCall and Jennifer Heim enjoying the summit at Hilltop.  On behalf of the Community and at the request of Frank Robinson, Jennifer has worked tirelessly coordinating the grant applications with State of Ca and MVR Consulting.


Lee Butterfield with State of CA. is touring all the potential grant sites.  In this way, he can hear and experience – first hand- the potential impact a grant would have to a community.  The State field trip alone indicates the AVLT Vision and Action Plan is thoughtful and practical – lets all keep our finger crossed.




Donald Tatera, Trina Siverts, Lisa Lawrence and Bruce Kallen.  Good ideas are one thing, but unless a community unites solid action with the ‘words’…ideas simply die.  Thanks to these folks and many others – who have invested their time, talent and treasure in giving the AVLT legs and making it “Shovel Ready”; something Grant Writers and Grant Decision Makers look for.


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Thanks for taking the Trail !

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