Cristelle Erickson, State Parks Project Officer visits Hilltop

March 18, 2015

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State Parks Project Officer Cristelle Erickson visits Hilltop ; she is the Officer overseeing elements of  the Land and Water grant application.    Community members and Town Staff met at Town Hall for a brief meeting and then proceeded to AV’s most unique landmark with escort from Code Enforcement and Sheriff.  Quite the gathering of like minded folks interested in reclaiming AV’s dilapidated landmark.


Grateful for the recent rains, which made for a very green trek to Hilltop

10172864_christelle erickson and company

Cristelle, second from left, and the community share thoughts and possibility.

community lift

An important meeting at Hilltop and once again, this community can take pride in awesome representation.

Now lets go get those grants !

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