Rock and Soul at Hilltop – Meet the Hilltop Legacy Junior Board


Setting trail markers today, for a better tomorrow at Hilltop

 The Apple Valley Legacy Trail (AVLT) is seeking select high school students to work with us in reclaiming, repurposing and revitalizing the High Desert’s most unique parcel.  The mission:  To create and preserve a Legacy Trail to the historic Apple Valley landmark known as Hilltop House; providing far reaching educational, civic, economic and environmental benefits for the region, its visitor’s and generations to come.

The Hilltop Legacy Junior Board (HLJB) will create a club or group at their schools, which will engage with the AVLT Board in the pursuit of the Legacy Trail. The group members (interns) will assist in areas such as design development, planning events, spreading awareness, creating and distributing marketing materials and educating the community.

Each school will be represented by at least (1) faculty advisor and (2) junior board representatives who will oversee their respective schools’ interns and coordinate directly with the AVLT Board.


JUNE 10, 2015

A Very Special Thank You to Hilltop Ownership for supporting this special day !


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The core values and functions of the HLJB internship program are as follows:

  1. Promote Leadership: It is essential to raise socially responsible leaders by first demonstrating social responsibility, and then making way for youth to blaze their own trail into the future. This internship with the AVLT is a dynamic means to gain leadership experience and build generational bridges to the future.
  2. Educate: The AVLT seeks to be the practical and thoughtful solution to benefit the prime stakeholders: the community, the Town government and current Hilltop owner. It is essential that HLJB interns educate the public regarding the issues at Hilltop, assist in developing practical solutions and promote those opportunities that best serve our community. Decades of indifference and the challenges of the location have made solutions difficult. We’re not here to assign blame for the current condition. Instead we come together for a creative re-imagining.
  3. Serve your community and advocate: In order for education to spread, HLJB and its interns will develop and implement ways to publicly their efforts and become advocates for AVLT in their community and respective schools. Any one group or person cannot solve Hilltop issues alone; this is a community problem, requiring a community solution. It is in service to our community where we find connection.


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