Coming in August : Apple Valley Vintage Steak Fry !

Why a Steak Fry ?  

To celebrate Apple Valley’s Past, Present and… Future !


This here’s the start of Apple Valley’s diggings ; the vision of Newt, playing his ace in the hole, Western Americana card and betting on folks lining up for their fair share.  Unlike Barstow to Victorville to Hesperia ( where rail, highway and mule depots seeded early arrivals), Newt went all in ;  creating something from nothing. It was post WWII expansion and bullish optimism…a better way of life attitude…Cowboy Mad Men don’t you know.


There was a certain gumption displayed in AV’s marketing, cowboy geegaw duds, Newts caricature brand with cowboy hat, barrel chest and tiny waste.  Adding to the well chronicled ensemble,  The AV Inn’s sophistication appeared like a heavenly mirage to thirsty travelers on the desolate highway  or – better yet – to crane necked, plane passengers yearning for it from the air.  Yup, Apple Valley OWNS its real deal, western romance history !

Phat Cat 14-7-26 (15)

Stage Shot

Today, vital traditions emerge and continue with Apple Valley’s Concerts in the Park and Courtyard, Outdoor Musicals, annual Chili Cook Off and 4th of July Festival (to name a few) which are fantastic expressions of community gathering.  We celebrate all things apple pie, chevy and baseball…family affairs of the highest order which attract regional notoriety.

Its in homage to Apple Valley’s past and present Cultural Soul, that the Apple Valley Legacy Trail and Museum finds the essence of our kindred missions…promoting our collective Narrative today and into the future !

We believe bringing back Apple Valley’s famous Steak Fry will not be a one time affair, but annual and one more shin dig in Apple Valley’s celebration of what it means to be ‘Us’…a blossoming from our West Gate Spirit River and extending to our East Gate Village.  Summed up, its Unity with inclusive expression, Passion in play, Commitment to work ethic and an abiding reverence to nature’s Creator.

We define who we are.

By the way, rumor has it that Bob Tinsley – Apple Valley’s last Cowboy – is fed up with a recent writin’s speaking to ranking California’s worst Cities.   The all hat and no cattle half wit who developed and authored this horse dung should stop by any of our community events for a first hand look at OUR BETTER WAY OF LIFE…and get a heap of our ATTITUDE to boot.  Shucks, we’ll even pony up their grub at the Steak Fry because based on their writins’ , these fellers are seriously weak, not thinking straight and as handy as hip pockets on a hog !  They need a meal !


Big thank you to Marcella Taylor, the Legacy Museum Volunteers, Katrina Siverts of High Desert Community Foundation and Others for the months of planning and hard work required to make this event possible.  Thanks to the Apple Valley Inn for hosting, once again, Apple Valley’s signature, vintage event.   The food and entertainment providers will be beyond exceptional; THANK YOU !


Whether you’re hankerin’ for some great fixins and old fashioned western entertainment, or a Corporate sponsor drawn to unifying, community events, there’s a place for you to be part of  something very special.  So please share this announcement with your posse – seating is limited…so get busy !

Got Trail Dust ?



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