Why Apple Valley’s history is important and who is the bridge to tomorrow ?


With a tall order of obvious, regional benefit, its important to keep it simple and keep our eyes on the ball.


The Trail is about instant and tangible access to Apple Valley’s unique, western  history.  Its about connectivity to a generation entitled to know their place on the grand time line called …  Apple Valley.  Super Centers, Cell Phone Marts and Freeway restaurants are all fine and well, but Apple Valley has a real story, a better way of life  and presence; its perched and symbolized 300 feet above and in the center of our Community.

If not us, than who ?

“This video, produced and edited by Brianna Frederick and Luke Rodriguez  (of AAE), shows just how popular the Hilltop House is among teenagers. Going through the school, over the course of a week, we asked a few people from every grade what they knew about this project. At the end of the week, an assembly was held by the two delegates from the LEAD AV Team, the delegates from the Academy for Academic Excellence on the Junior Board. In this assembly, we informed all high school students at the school (Grades 9-12) just exactly what are plans are for this house, or even the visions to imagine what we can come up with. Based on this, we formed a large group of volunteers to design ideas, and create a foundation for the younger generations to get involved. In our school specifically, few of the Seniors from the Class of 2015 had a decent amount of knowledge of the house, while as the ages got younger, the history was lost. By preserving the history, by turning this Hilltop House into a landmark, we will be able to teach generations after us, just how our little town of Apple Valley once was. How movie stars stayed here, how this was a poplar place for weddings, and how some schools even held their proms at this house. The history of this house is vital: it encases our future, and we need this house to be restored before it gets lost in the ruins of this landmark.”


Lets own it.

Lets pay it forward video

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