Trail Dust Newsletter Sept 2015

Greetings fellow Trail Riders,

snow dust HH 72dpi

Photo by Eddy Salmons

Its with a thankful heart and in this blessed season, that we reach out to this Community(You-Us-We), our Elected Officials, our Town Staff, Hilltop Ownership, our Region and State and say Thank You for your tangible support of the Legacy Trail.   We can all be very proud of the seeds we each have sewn for a better tomorrow at Hilltop.

The holiday season is a good time to reflect on many important things like family, community and vision for the future. Trail wise, its a time to celebrate an improbable 3-1/2 year journey and to recall – with gratitude – the 1000’s of people and multiple agencies and organizations who have contributed to the community lift in process.

The attached edition of  Trail Dust Newsletter Sept. 2015  is perhaps the most concise in summing up where we are today.  There is simply not enough paper and ink to thank everyone who donated time, treasure and talent.  Please share this Trail update with your friends and network.

THANK YOU !! and Merry Christmas from Your Legacy Trail !!

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