HH remains perched some 300 feet above Apple Valley commercial district and due to its elevated and central presence to Town Hall, Civic Park, shopping centers and motorists traveling  highway 18, offers an unique opportunity to create a dynamic community billboard.  A billboard constructed on a sloping hillside made up of celebrated western symbols and elements such as hiking-horseback riding trails, desert flora, falling water elements, pavilions, picnic areas, observation decks and plateaus, historical and educational markers and most important of all…the people of our community and region enjoying and contributing to the next legacy of our essential landmark.  A living, breathing billboard that says ‘we are Apple Valley and is we create our a better way of life.

Compared to past attempts to commercialize, the AVLT is a simple approach within existing zoning entitlement, a natural fit and something that can build out over  time with simple enhancements that compared to commercial ventures are reasonable and cost effective.  All commercial ventures rely on the surrounding community to fund the venue in exchange for access.  The AVLT is a means by which all segments of our community will be engaged in sponsorship so that our community takes the ownership stake through tiered participation and re-claims our landmark for all to enjoy.