Apple Valley Legacy Trail Organization is an affiliate project of  High Desert Community Foundation, a leading not for profit organization in the High Desert.


We, like you, are Apple Valley residents who are deeply rooted in this community and share a common vision: to RECLAIM-REPURPOSE-REVITALIZE the iconic and historic Hilltop House atop Bass Hill for our community. The Steering Committee (each and every one of us) thanks you for your outpouring of support, stories and passion.

Colleen Butcher, Principal/Broker at RavenTek Realty, Inc.: “I feel a strong sense of the importance of community service.  We have raised our daughters to know that it is important to give not only of your financial resources, but also your time.  This project is for our community, it is as important to our current residents as it is for generations to come behind us.  Together, as a community, we will succeed in making this project a reality for all to enjoy.”  

Wendy Cambridge, Project Development Consultant, Cambridge Partnership: “As the years rush by I’m constantly reminded of all the stories (legacies) that are being lost, and believe it’s up to me and others to save and preserve those legacies. My family came to the “Golden Land of Opportunity” as my Dad disclaimed, in 1954 and I still remember the pioneers who struggled together to make Apple Valley home. This trail and all it promises is the perfect way to give back and give forward.”  

Bill Deppe ,Educator and Avian Biologist
Meg Deppe , Science Teacher:
“Our interest in the natural world, our many years of experience in the classroom as teachers, and our love of Apple Valley and its history drew us to become involved in the Legacy Trail Project when we were approached by friends.”

Dan Harley, Internet Solutions Consultant, PrimeConcepts: “I’m a lifelong resident of Apple Valley who has frequented the Hilltop House during it’s better years as well as it’s current dilapidated state. I simply want the Hilltop House to be something better than the eyesore that it has become and I believe the Apple Valley Legacy Foundation has the right vision for our community to enjoy and be proud of for years to come.”

Mark Hutchason, Vice President – Sr. Financial Planner for Merrill Lynch: “If you feel that this isn’t right for you, we understand.  You will be banished from our rosters and your name will be burnt into the bottom of a rock and buried on Bass Hill. For those that make the commitment, we will shine your names amongst those of Bass and Westlund Families and sing your name from the hilltops of Apple Valley.”

Paul Jacobs, Jacobs Appraisal & Consulting.

Bruce Kallen, Realtor/Consultant at Shear Realty Commercial,Town of Apple Valley Planning Commissioner.

Kathie Reed Martin, Marketing & Public Affairs Officer, Town of Apple Valley:   “As a long-time resident as well as employee of the Town of Apple Valley, my love of community landmarks runs deep. We need to reclaim and repurpose the Hilltop House so that future generations have the opportunity to experience the view from the top.”

Jennifer Hall Oeschger, M.A. Candidate, Historic Preservation, Savannah College of Art and Design:
“Knowing nothing of Hilltop House or the surrounding area, I rolled into Apple Valley last summer and was immediately struck by the modern masterpiece perched effortlessly on the highest hill. Compelled by further research into the dilapidated structure, I felt that its loss would be a devastating blow to the community which celebrated its architectural genius and technological innovations. I would like to contribute to making the Hilltop House a well-recognized historical treasure.”

Sierra Orr, Grants Development Manager, Victor Valley College: “You had me at pro bono… Lifelong Apple Valley resident and avid outdoor enthusiast Sierra Orr joined the group when she found out she could work for free for a great cause. Heartbroken by the houses state of disrepair, but enthralled with the hike she relishes the chance to put her abilities to work to save one of the town’s most prized treasures.”

Trina Siverts – Siverts Publishing 

Rick Piercy,  President / CEO, The Lewis Center for Educational Research:  “The idea of saving and restoring our heritage is one of the most powerful ways of helping our children understand and embrace the legacy of our past and motivate them to create the future.  The AVLT project is a vital part of making this happen in the Victor Valley.”

David E. Pike, Geosciences Instructor, The Lewis Center for Educational Research: “Over the last 35+ years, I’ve witnessed incredible changes occurring across the High Desert.  As an educator and community member, I look forward to the future and I hope that future includes an officially recognized and maintained Apple Valley Hilltop House Legacy Trail.  We owe it to ourselves and our children.”

D. Kevin Porter, partner in the law firm of Caldwell, Kennedy and Porter and lifetime High Desert resident:  “I am honored to lend my name and support to the Apple Valley Trails Legacy Organization in its efforts to preserve and honor the history of Apple Valley through the acquisition and development of the most unique parcel of real property in the High Desert, the Hilltop House.”

Steve  Richard, Architect, LEED AP at Richard Design Associates, Inc. : “Hilltop House lore is a tale of vision and fantasy, intrigue and presence, rise and fall.  The AVLT Organization humbly allowed Newt Bass’s Landmark to speak for itself and point the way to its next Legacy chapter.”

 Donald Tatera, Allied ASID, DDCD, Interior Designer & General Contractor, Decorating Den Interiors: “I am interested in the AVLTO because I believe that it is mandatory to preserve and be part of the rich tapestry that is my community where I live and work.  This organization is an outlet for me to assist in increasing the greater good for the High Desert residents by having a focal point location for the community to enjoy together for many generations to come.”