The concepts expressed in the Apple Valley Legacy Trail Vision-Proposal are offered for the sole purpose of studying an existing site of historic significance. All of the elements discussed are hypothetical in nature, within the general guidelines of existing zoning assignments and prepared without input of any property owners or Town of AV, but are recognized by the Town of AV in “spirit only”. Further study, findings and due diligence effort will require review and comment from all stakeholders including, but not limited to the Town of AV and all property owners. Any use of the AV Town logo does not confer their official support, endorsement or approval, pending due diligence on behalf of the applicant to fully permit the project.  All of the AVLT concepts, images, pictures and instruments are the property of the AVLT Steering Committee and use of these by others is prohibited without the expressed written approval and consent of the AVLT Steering Committee. Copyright 2017