The Apple Valley Legacy Trail Organization is pleased to sanction and support our growing list of  Trail Riders; folks in our community who are stepping out within their own campfires of influence to educate, promote and spread the word.  Having “Cowboy’d Up” they have demonstrated a steadfast (‘pert near bull-headed bent it is) passion and commitment to the AVLT Vision, setting themselves apart by branding with the AVLT…becoming vital and integral parts in moving The Trail  closer to reality.

We reckon the Trail Riders are the backbone of this effort and as ambassador’s of all things AVLT, they are available to answer your questions (if they don’t know the answer , they’ll find that thar varmint) and show you how to make a difference in our pursuit of  reclaiming Bass Hill.

It takes a lot of ‘better way of life’ attitude and disposition to be a Trail Rider, so we thank each one by ‘branding’ their names and enterprises into our AVLT History Appreciation Boards – designed by the AVLT Committee and awesome graphic artistry donated by Mr. Eddy Salmons – which commemorate Bass Hill history.  It  tells a simple story of the past and hopefully, the future.


Are you a Trail Rider ?

If you see a Trail Rider around Town, please thank them and offer’em a place to sit and put their boots up for awhile.  They’ll appreciate it !

Beckie Pomponio :     AV Inn Trail Rider …VintageGypsies

Vintage Gypsies Jpeg
Willis Whitlock :          RelyLocal-AV Trail Rider…


Vicki Langley:          Trail Rider

VL Final

Niki Bartley :                  Special Ops Trail Rider… AvHilltopHouseForum
Christopher Reay:     Photography Trail Rider…ReayDesignStudio
Kate Podegracz:           Artist Trail Rider…Katesfolkart
Sandra Ladage:             Printing Trail Rider…All Valley Reprographics