The AVLT Organization committee aims to Reclaim, Repurpose and Revitalize Bass Hill as a community focused, educational resource and recreational destination. Without the community embracing the vision and investing in this living legacy, it will not happen. The asking price appears high, but losing a piece of Apple Valley history and the only central hiking trail available is priceless. Margaret Mead famously said,

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

We view the AVLT as a unique destination point for the community of Apple Valley , the High Desert and the County of San Bernardino to benefit at so many levels, as it will be built on Community Pride and Ownership. We are at an historic crossroads…

The intention of the AVLT is to be a “community owned” resource and attraction. The vision, its mission and plan of action are all in place, ready to move forward. Our labor of love is ready for action. It is now up to our community to demonstrate whether it wants and needs this exciting vision to become reality.

The Hilltop House property is for sale yet again. There are few end games for this treasured piece of Apple Valley history, it could be:

1. Convert back to single family, private residence
2. Continue to sit vacant as a ruin, or
3. Repurposed as an all inclusive living, breathing community resource

We believe you would agree that #3 is the best scenario.

Your help through the sharing of your time, talents and resources can move our trajectory from a slow uphill slog to a sprint to the finish line! Any donation is truly welcomed, but a few big donations could propel us to the top.

“A Better Way of Life” starts with you and me. Ask yourself, “What is my legacy?”

We have received the support and endorsement of the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce, County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood, several businesses and over 1,500 Facebook fans offering hands-on help. One business even held a sidewalk sale and matched the proceeds! This far-sighted and creative perspective is what built this community and propels us up the trail together.  See the AVLT NEWS and our newsletter ‘Trail Dust” to stay on top of current activities

Would you like to be remembered for saving Bass Hill?

If so –

please join, support and share your AVLT with the world.


Our legacy…. “Taking the Trail Together”

Join Us. 

How can you help?

Let us count the ways…….

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